Mindy Lubber


#WeTookTheRisk enters its last two weeks before manuscript phase and I enjoyed focusing this weekend on someone who doesn’t need any major introductions: Mindy Lubber, CEO & President of CERES.

In reflecting on her role as a social entrepreneur, Mindy saw the writing on the wall far before ESG became an accountability metric in the corporate world.

“We saw climate change as a financial imperative, as a material risk, as a governance issue, and as something that will drive the future of our economy and we needed to pay attention to climate risk and the opportunities around it,” reflected Mindy in her initial days of ramping up CERES.

In delivering the message that corporate America needed to merge sustainability and financial reporting to better account for the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet, her message was direct, “It was not just about the balance sheet for the next six months or three years. It was about everything else they do and and the language was different. The sophistication of the arguments were different. The economic impact studies were different. The data was different, but that was the premise. That was the opportunity for us to make an impact.”

Read more about her and the risktakers behind the renewable energy when my book gets published in late September, 2022. Pre-sale information will be coming up in March!


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