Tracy LeBeau


Rounding out the week running up to Christmas, I had a great book interview with Tracey LeBeau of @westernareapower who empowers probably the best skillsets in the renewables industry as it applies to community building.

“I wanted to understand the whole energy value chain and figured out almost immediately that there was one lone aspect of this value chain that I wanted to understand – and that was that energy development really does bring value to a community.”

From her time working with pipefitters and energy traders in Northern Alberta, Canada, to her appointment by President @barackobama as the first Director of the Office of Indian Energy Policy & Programs at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Tracey collaborated with countless communities and Native American Tribes and Alaskan Villages during her career to, “see themselves in the ‘promise’ that renewable energy projects present in building an economically sustainable future.” From the START program she inaugurated at DOE, to her current leadership at WAPA, we have much to learn from this energy pioneer.

More to come with “We Took the Risk” hits publication this Fall, 2022!


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