We Took The Risk

An award-winning book about the stories and leadership traits behind the original risk takers in renewable energy.

The U.S. renewable energy industry needs us to take the risk again.

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We Took the Risk dives into the personal journeys of twenty-five executives who, through their own combination of traits, took on the challenges of an early U.S. renewable energy industry. Far from being a self-improvement book or a glorified “who’s who” run down, this book provides a backdrop by which to juxtaposition your own career journey. Using advice from his own experiences starting in the early 2000s, Tom Weirich lets you view the beginnings of the renewables industry as if you were there, lock in step with these entrepreneurial leaders as they calculated the pros and cons of decisions that would forever impact the trajectory of renewables in the US.

The book is being proudly published by New Degree Press.

We Took The Risk

They weren’t afraid of the unknown and they thought they knew what should happen. They weren’t afraid that no one else had gone there before them and so they had the courage and excitement needed for their journey.

— John Cavalier, former Global Chairman,
Credit Suisse Energy Group

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Meet the Author

Tom Weirich

I initially wrote this book as a tribute to a mentor of mine that passed away. He was one of the first leaders I encountered early in my career that embodied a number of traits that have aided in my professional success in renewables. This snowballed into me reflecting on others who have made a similar impact in the industry – and how through their struggles – they have lessons for all of us on how we can forge our own successful careers in the U.S. renewable energy sector.

Who is the book for?

You will love this book if you are looking for an easy read that is informative, entertaining and soul-provoking, If you’re looking to get inspired in your current work in renewables, or looking to launch into a career in renewables and figure out a game-plan, this is the book for you.

We Took the Risk is a nonfiction book that speaks to those entering the industry, those in the middle of their careers still looking to make an impact, and those who have been in the industry for decades, looking back to reflect on how far we have come. It holds invaluable lessons for all three audiences, but comes with one call to action: we all need to take a risk.

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