Nancy Floyd


Already 12 weeks deep into book writing (#WeTookTheRisk) and I got to interview one of my favorites and a venture pioneer in our industry – the always amazing, @nancyfloyd219, Founder & Managing Director at Nth Power LLC, and board member at @hannonarmstrong and Beam Global.

Nancy, who many consider the first female venture capitalist in the U.S. renewable energy industry, spoke to me about the beginnings of her journey, which started in the early 80s building the first utility scale wind project (back when we were using 30KW turbines). Trekking through rattle snake infested Altamont Pass in Alameda County, CA with vision and perseverance, she negotiated the second contract Pacific Gas and Electric Company ever signed with an IPP (independent power producer). The contract, which became known as “Standard Offer Number Four” became the standard PPA agreement for the wind industry from that point forward.

In reflecting on her journey through renewables, she told me, “It’s what’s made me – I would never be in any other type of venture capital. You know, I have this very strong altruistic streak that’s been important to me that I follow. Yes, I’m here to make money for my investors, but I wouldn’t have done software or semiconductors just to be in the venture capital world. I wanted to do clean energy, and it’s been so satisfying.”


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