Your Renewables Career: Energy Careers & Leadership

Recap of a lecture given by Tom Weirich at the University of Houston as part of its prestigious Energy Career & Leadership Series.

Author Tom Weirich joins University of Houston Energy Careers & Leadership Series, speaking to students about the importance of investing in a renewables career.

Thanks to Dr. Alan Rossiter, Executive Director, External Relations/Educational Program Development and the Energy Coalition / UH Energy at the University of Houston for having me present to over 40 undergraduate and graduate students on developing a game-plan geared towards a successful renewables career!

As the renewable energy & cleantech industry grow, we are in need of growing out our 21st century workforce and are starving for talent based on skillset – not necessarily just on renewables knowledge. From financial modeling to business writing and ability to “close a deal”, the conversation focused on how students can pitch and sell their skillsets whilst embarking on fulfilling future renewables career.

Here’s a glimpse at the talk I gave:

Renewables are not for everyone. It takes a determination and passion to enter into a career focused not only on developing GWs of new clean energy, but also the willingness to create an impact for the world around us. In this talk, Tom will walk participants through the traits and skillsets needed to not only successfully enter the renewables industry, but do so with an eye to eventually lead it. Case studies on key leaders in the industry will be discussed, as well as overall opportunity and challenges facing the industry as it positions itself as a key economic and workforce driver in the 21st century. Tom’s talk will be based on his most recent book We Took the Risk (New Degree Press), published this last Fall, 2022, which as served many entering the industry focused on embarking on a meaningful renewables career.

Here’s a link to the short presentation deck that helped guide the conversation.

I was truly impressed by the caliber of students, the engaging conversation and the follow up I’ve gotten to date. If you haven’t already, encourage you to join the virtual series and sign up to get your Energy Leadership Certificate here. Note that webinar registration (to listen in) is open to ALL!

Good luck on developing your pathway to your renewables career and don’t forget to keep taking the risk! Remember to check information on renewables career resources on my blog for more information.


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