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One of the last sections I’m wrapping up before my manuscript for #WeTookTheRisk is due to New Degree Press this week is a “resources for every renewables professional” section. I wanted to reach out to you all in the renewables community to see what books you as a renewable energy professional have recommended to young professionals you are mentoring or to colleagues you work with looking to sharpen their cleantech markets knowledge.

Looking for any and all book recommendations to include. Link them below and appreciate the advice!

Here are some additional ones from me that I’ve greatly enjoyed and learned from:

1. The Modern Energy Matchmaker – Michele Ashby
2. Chasing the Sun – Neville Williams
3. America’s Climate Problem – Robert Repetto
4. Vaporized – @rob_tercek
5. Green – Jane Hoffman & Michael Hoffman
6. Climate of Hope – Carl Pope & @mikebloomberg
7. Resource Revolution – Matt Rogers & @stefanheck82
8. Carbon Rush – Graham Noyes


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