Audiobook is Green-lit!


It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on my writing journey with my book #WeTookTheRisk!

After taking 2 months off, I’m excited to announce that the team at New Degree Press has confirmed that the audiobook is green-lit and will be released this Summer!

Here are some of the details:

✔️ 2,502 books have been sold to date – I’m totally floored.

✔️ Recording studio has been booked here in HTX.

✔️ The Audiobook will be a little over 9 listening hours.

✔️ The whole process will take me 30+ hours to record (including editing) and a little over 3-4 months to be edited and produced by the team at NDP.

✔️ Due to popular demand (😄), I indeed will be narrating (heaven help you all – especially if you’re stuck driving 7+ hours listening to me).

✔️ Excited to be working with Stephanie McKibben as my audiobook editor!

✔️ Katherine Mazoyer continues to be an amazing marketing editor and am excited about this next phase of the book.

✔️ Thanks to John Saunders, CIMA® & Eric Koester for all their mentorship and guidance.

✔️ Special thanks to a number of fellow authors in the renewable energy industry who have provide invaluable advice – specifically Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Peter Fox Penner, John Perlin & Bill Nussey.

Keep following my journey through my blog at: and through the many upcoming podcast I’ll be on!


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