Today is the Day!


Today is the day. I’m excited to announce the launch of pre-sales for my book, #WeTookTheRisk with my publisher, @newdegreepress!

Check out my video book preview here!

📘 Purchase the book for the next 30 days at:

This book in many ways was written by the renewable energy industry itself, recounting the risks taken by a few, and issuing a call out to all of us to be risk takers again today.

👉🏼 What to see who made the book? Check out the video above.

This 30 day pre-sale comes with perks for the first 250 colleagues joining me on this journey, including an invitation to one of four private events across the U.S., access to a private cleantech community, a personalized signed copy, and much more.

🙏 By helping me raise funds through this pre-sale, you’ll get behind-the-scenes access to a variety of benefits and help me fund the completion of my book. Immense thanks to so many of you for your support – we did it!

My thanks to a number of you that got me here – @erickoester@richardjaymarks, John Cavalier, Nancy Floyd, Tracey A. LeBeau, achiang311, Carol Battershell, Kelly Speakes-Backman, Michael Eckhart, Mindy Lubber, @clairejohnson0273@jigarshahdc@photolopren, Mark Culpepper, @andykarsner@shugardan, Kristan Kirsh, @lkimes@vabean@___wendolyn___ , Allison Archambault, Kristen Graf, Mary Beth Mandanas, @liebreichmichael, Richard Dovere, Candice Michalowicz, Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, Peter Kelly-Detwiler, & so many more (literally 192 more colleagues).


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