Publisher Selected!


📢 Am excited to announce that I’ve just met with my publication strategist, Ryan Porter, and I’ll be working with the great team at @newdegreepress to publish #WeTookTheRisk!

I could have not gotten here today without the tireless work of so many. It indeed takes a community to write a book:

– My developmental Editor, Asa Loewenstein
– @erickoester at @creator_institute /@georgetownuniversity who gave me a call and encouraged me to take on this adventure
– @theamyzinglife for her inspiration and author coaching
– @haleynewlin_author & @nicolespindler_author for their insights into audience building & for their marketing prowess
– 35 renewables executives who have taken their time to tell me their stories – as well as 109 other thought leaders, industry colleagues and co-workers for their insight and guidance
– My current and former bosses, Richard Dovere, Candice Michalowicz, Nuno Escaja Gonçalves, @rsternthny & Michael Eckhart for their enthusiastic support and belief in me
– Last, but not least, @richardjaymarks, who went through this same adventure while we were room-mates in NYC and showed me that through his own writing journey that we all have a story to tell and we owe it to others to get that story out there.

Onwards to publishing the book in September, 2022. Pre-sales will open up shortly, so stay tuned!


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