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Had one of the best and most fun podcasts with Matthew Winklestine as a guest on his Engaging Perspectives marketing podcast series.

While the majority of my past discussions on the book focuses primarily on the history of renewables or about the specific journeys of the 35 executives I featured in the book – or the 100 executives I interviews during my research, this conversation focused on actually risk-taking and renewables marketers. With Matthew and I both being digital marketers, we had a ton of ideas on how to slice and dice our conversation so that you could get the most out of We Took the Risk.

Some of the questions Matthew and I riffed off of in this marketing podcast included:

  • The challenges of building an industry brand as well as a corporate brand at the same time
  • The importance of speaking to all of your customer bases and prioritizing internal communications
  • Why your brand needs congruency and integrity no matter where you show up 
  • What I believe are the top two things you need to invest in as a leader
  • Why a one-team mentality reduces internal competition and scarcity thinking 

Here’s an intro teaser on the 2 part conversation Matthew had with me:

Risk is a funny thing. The seemingly riskier choice is often the safer one. Here’s why: It’s risky to enter a new market when you’ve been successful in an existing one. It’s also risky to service a single market subject to market conditions you have no control over. Over time conservatism is the biggest risk you can take. Learning to take thought-out measured risks is how you reduce your overall risk.

Rejection sucks! Does it suck more than wondering, “What if I had…?” No, it doesn’t. It’s an observable fact. Don’t rely on my observations, though. Talk to people in their 80’s and ask them: “What are your biggest regrets in life?” I bet it will be a series of things they didn’t do.

Regret is haunting!
People don’t suffer regret because they put themselves out there and are rejected. People suffer from regret wondering, “what if I would have…”Get comfortable with rejection, so you don’t have to deal with “what if” when it’s too late.

Listen In
Episodes 1-2 of Matthew’s marketing podcast are now live! Check it out via the link here or on your favorite podcasting platform. I would be remise in not thanking Matthew enough for the great conversation, as well as Leisha Ball for pulling the logistics of the podcast together. Thanks to you both!

Interested to listen to my most recent interviews? Check out my press page here.


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