Pre-ordered Books Arrived!


Well, it’s happening! While I was out in California at RE+ last week the shipment of all the pre-ordered books arrived, ready for autographing!! 📚

📘 651 books
🗃️32 boxes
🏋️ 760 pounds
🌼 5 mega boxes of shipping envelopes
✒️ 2 new sets of ink pens to autograph with

Cannot tell you how excited I am to get #WeTooktheRisk shipped out to you. Granted, give me a few days 😏.

What was my first thought opening the box – truly gratitude and emotion. All 651 of you committed to me without asking a word or seeing a printed word. This underscores the renewables community’s power in supporting one another, as well as the notion that a writer never writes alone – they write within a community. #NeverWriteAlone

See the video below of me opening my first box of printed copies and continue to follow me on my blog!


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